What if your business model, marketing strategy and sales process not only felt good, but it dismantled the structures and tactics that manipulate and disempower us?

What if your business could care for Earth, care for people and create high impact social justice?

What if you business could thrive without compromising your integrity?

I believe it can.

I believe we can use the tools of entrepreneurship to create a regenerative, nourishing and equitable future. 

I believe we all thrive, only when we all thrive.

Whether you see your business as political activism, or you simply want to earn a living without betraying your values, I invite you to subscribe to Letters of Intention - a fortnightly newsletter that challenges the social norms of mainstream marketing and offers a deep exploration into building an ethical, regenerative, intentional business.

About me.

My name is Sarah Taylor. I’m the builder of my own bus conversion, off grid tiny homesteader, multiple business owner and intentional business coach.

I’ve spent the last 5 years pushing back against mainstream marketing and oppressive, patriarchal ideals, in order to create a more gentle, socially conscious and connected way to be in business. 

All of my work is done through the lens of intention and within a framework I’ve developed using the principles of permaculture. This means I don't believe in growing businesses that are harmful to the Earth or contribute to the exploitation of people in any way.

I will never use scarcity, false urgency, manufactured authority or psychological triggers. I employ high consent practices, accessible pricing structures and actively participate in dismantling systemic inequality.